How To Find Millions Of Companies On B2B And Business Directory?

Today, the Internet has become a world of business listings. This has been made possible by the Business Directory that contains information about different companies and business industries. These business directories are important because they provide a database of many different companies. By providing a searchable database to Internet users, it gives them a chance to access information about the companies listed in the directory. The more businesses a user finds, the more chances of them finding a company that would suit their specific needs.

There are three categories in which Business Directories is categorized according to their nature: basic information, professional services and specialized companies. An online database of over one billion companies around the world is called the Kompass Business Directory. It is categorized into five sections namely: Business Listings, Business News, Business Directory, Start Up Companies, and Companies Directory. The most popular and widely used Business Directory is the Business-to-Business directory. This type of a Business Directory provides information about a company that sells its products and services directly to the public through its own retail outlets or on its own website.

An import directory, on the other hand, is an online site that provides information about companies that manufacture products or services that enter the country or are internationally shipping their wares. An import directory also has to do with foreign trade portal sites that allow direct transactions between companies. This type of a Business Directory includes all the companies that are associated with a cross-border exchange or import and export of commodities. Online search engines, directories and other Internet sites are helpful in locating these companies. The use of a Business Directory and the other types of Internet sites like search engines, social networking sites and local business listings can help one find the right kind of company for their business.

Business Directory and other search engines are designed to help locate the right kind of company for a specific business. It lists companies by category, region, city, province and by type. One can search the site for the best match according to his criteria. For example, if one is selling leads, then he can look up for suppliers based on the area where he is based and according to the type of product he is selling. He can refine his search by using the parameters set by him.

The concept of Business Directory and b2b directory has made it possible for anyone to connect with millions of companies. It helps them market their products and services to these companies. The import export marketplace is now a huge open secret.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN provide users may search for businesses according to location, category, company type and keywords. The users may also search for keywords related to the nature of the business. Business Directory provides information in this regard. In the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, the Business Directory is used. Moreover, Business Directory is also known as Business Exchange and B2B Directory.