Business Directory – Exporting Business to Business Operations Around the World

The global economic downturn has forced millions of people to re-evaluate their business options and create a more flexible framework for conducting their businesses. This has led to the emergence of countless online B2B (Business to Business) directories over the last few years. Today one can search for a specific product, brand or service and instantly get access to hundreds of online companies that are specifically focused on providing businesses with B2B solutions. The Business Directory is now one of the top search engines used by millions of people around the world. The popularity of this web site is growing day by day due to its unmatched efficiency and the convenience it offers to the users.

India’s leading online directory which provides a platform to various reputed companies is the Indian Yellow Pages. This has helped millions of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) worldwide in availing the services of reputed B2B companies. Through the yellow pages, one can access leading international companies, their services and contact information. By browsing through the list one can easily find the company that meets the user’s needs. The Business Directory provides an online directory of leading companies, enabling the users to export import data from anywhere in the world.

The Global Market Place or GML, as it is popularly known, is another popular online b2b directory which enables users to access suppliers located across the globe. This facilitates better coordination and transaction between the buyers and sellers across the globe and facilitates a better and more convenient business operations at a global level. The services of the global level supplier have become very crucial in today’s competitive trading environment, which is why millions of people all around the world regularly visit the Indian B2B Directory to access the database of their preferred global level suppliers.